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Orders of Protection, Divorce, Custody, Child Support, Adoption, and more. 

We are here to help, whether you're experiencing domestic violence, need to establish paternity, or are going through a divorce. We handle all areas of family law, including DNA testing and child support. Both Attorney Simmons and Attorney Johnson are experienced Guardians ad litem and Attorney Simmons is a family law mediator. 

Parenting Time, Decision-making ("custody"), and Financial Issues


Do you want to control the outcome of your divorce or family matter? Is coming to the best decision for your family important to you? Come to mediation before starting the court process, and resolve your case before filing. If you're already involved with the court system, take the battle out of the process and resolve your issues with a neutral mediator. Attorney Simmons mediates both custody and financial matters.


Are you being sued in small claims court? Do you need help filing a case yourself? You may want a lawyer to guide you through the process. 


Do you have a relative that is unable to manage their own affairs or a child that needs a guardian? We handle guardianships for both children and disabled adults.

Guardianships for both children and adults.


We can help with drafting Powers of Attorney, Short-Term Guardianships, Travel Letters (for a parent or relative travelling with a child), Prenuptial agreements, and more. 

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