I am here to help, whether you're experiencing domestic violence, need to establish paternity, or just want a simple divorce. I'm also an experienced Guardian ad litem as well as a family law mediator. 

Orders of Protection, Divorce, Custody, Guardianship, Adoption, and more. 


Are you being sued in small claims court? Do you need help filing a case yourself? You may want a lawyer to guide you through the process. 

Parenting Time, Decision-making ("custody"), and Financial Issues


Civil Cases 

Do you want to control the outcome of your divorce or family matter? Is coming to the best decision for your family important to you? Come to mediation before starting the court process, and resolve your case before filing. If you're already involved with the court system, take the battle out of the process and resolve your issues with a neutral mediator.



Did your landlord post a Five Day Notice on your door? Is your property manager refusing to fix a leaking roof? Are you being evicted for violating your lease? I can help!

Landlord-Tenant disputes, Forcible Entry